Neato Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Battery Error Repair & How it Works

Rosy our beloved Neato XV-11 robotic vacuum is sick and has a battery error message that says “Please Press Okay To Restart. Battery Issue (0002) (0008 (0009) (0005) (0006) . In this video you can learn how to repair this problem yourself with a simple fix.

For those who like to know how thing work, we also did a complete detailed tear down of the entire machine and explain how all the sensors, motors and electronics work together in unison to navigate this complicated vacuum cleaner that is a truly technological wonder.

Using a specially modified camera you will get a first hand visual look at how the on-board infrared laser sensors operate and aid in the navigation of the unit.

We have created a separate supplemental video showing how we modified a cheap digital camera to operate in the infrared spectrum by removing the IR blocking filter that can be watched here…

On board is a Atmel AT91 SAM 9EX 128 Processor.
The processor is running Linux as it’s OS platform.
160 MHz speed – 128 Flash Rom
217 pin package
CPU= ARM 926 (9)
96 IO pins
USB interface
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Post time: 12-06-2018