New Mini Freezing LCD Separator Machine

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Mini Freezing LCD Separator Machine

1. Using the latest lcd freeze separator machine technology, high performance, less investment, return fast.

2. Using famous brand compressor, really up to minus 130 degrees, to meet the required temperature of separating lcd glass, suitable for large quantities of separation for repair shop, refurbishing center and maintenance factory

3.The compressor will stop working automatically without power consumption Once it reaches the set temperature. It can work continous for 24Hours

4. The device’s base is installed with universal sliding wheels, convenient for transportation and adjust the height difference.

5. The lid is sealed with thicken thermal insulation material, to keep constant temperature and rapid cooling without waste power.

6.Safety power system with ground wire, over heat protection, short circut protection ,over current protection. high and low voltage protection, reverse phase lack protection etc. ensure your safety

7.easy to operate, can provide operation instruction,picture and vedio for new user

8. compared with heater vacuum separator, freezing lcd separator can solve your headche about bulk volume separating workload and edge screen,it can also peel off a lot of glue ( edge screen is a trend, really one time investment)

Tips: for serious crushed glass, please stick a tape on glass for safety and good for freeze lcd separator machine.

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Post time: 04-24-2017