NO TOOLS NEEDED How to replace your 27 inch iMac screen glass monitor

You can check out different sizes and tools for your Mac here

If you want to buy a replacement for your iMac screen you can buy it here:

If you need LCD for your iMac:

The audio got messed when recording. I held the mute on the microphone on this one. Sorry but I still wanted to post the process. At least it gives you an idea what goes on behind the scenes. If anyone have a question about how to do it, please let me know. I respond very quickly!

I have posted the broken glass from my iMac 27″ monitor in one of my older videos. This is after we received it from Apple Care. They replaced the glass but then they forgot to take the plastic inside the screen. Well we took off the screen and peeled the plastic off and placed it back on. NO TOOLS NEEDED !!!

Post time: 11-29-2018