Nubia Z17mini Mobile Phone Lcd Screen Refurbishing Process 努比亚Z17液晶屏翻新

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努比亚Z17mini 液晶屏翻新全过程
Nubia Z17 mini lcd refurbishing process, how to repair Z17mini lcd screen
the machine use in the video:
1. Lcd Separator machine ( buildi in vacuum pump, over 8inch heating plate)
2. 15inch vacuum Lamination machine( can also use for edge, for iPad etc)( 真空贴合机)
3. middle size bubble remover ( 10inch 除泡机)
4. 2L vacuum Pump ( 2L 真空泵)
5. 30L air compressor ( 30L 空压机)
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Post time: 08-28-2018