Opti-Solution – cross-cut line (1142)

With more than 35 years of experience, System TM is the leading manufacturer globally of customized system solutions for the solid wood industry.

We are experts in combining different main machines with material handling, giving our customers highly integrated lines fully optimized regarding capacity, yield and staff resources.

The success of our business is based on our understanding of the customers’ needs, while creative use of knowledge and technology forms the foundation of our core competences.

The competences of System TM cover everything from line design, installation, commissioning and staff training to service and maintenance – all to make your production as efficient as possible. With our technical expertise and vast experience we can advise you on all technical aspects and we offer the best support and advice in the industry.

System TM’s standard solutions can be combined in many different ways to design the customized system solution for each customer.

System TM’s lines are characterized by:
System TM’s optimizing software – the only software available optimizing on both wood resources and the overall line capacity.
System TM’s individual design. The lines are individually designed and manufactured, always considering the customer’s production and main machines. This ensures our customers high-performance materials handling, and 100% workpiece control throughout the line.
Complete hard- and software integration between all functions of the line.
The best return on investment.
Low labor costs and optimal utilization of the wood, ensure our customers to stay competitive in the global market.
Higher efficiency for all main machines.
Automatic production changeover from one central computer.

Post time: 11-06-2018