Pedestal Extension Table Part 6

Showing the detailed steps of making a form for bent lamination for the curved rails of the table, and bending the wood against the form with clamps.
Fist I mark out the dimensions of the master with which I will make a total of six pieces that will make the bending form.
Then using a pattern router bit, I make all 6 pieces the exact same dimensions. I glue and screw the pieces together to make the final form.
Then I take a 8/4 piece of walnut stock and resaw it to make boards approximately 1/8″ thick. These boards will give me a final thickness of 5/8 after being glued to the bending form.
I mount the bending form to a sheet of hardboard and then cover the form with packing tape to prevent the glue from sticking to it. After carefully laying the stock out, I spread polyurethane glue on each side and stack them in the proper order.
Starting in the middle, the glued up stock is then clamped to the form and bent to shape. After waiting a full 24 hours, I removed the stock from the forms, and the rails are ready to be trimmed to final dimensions.

Post time: 08-02-2017