Plastic Washing Unit

Plastic Washing Unit

Plastic Washing Unit are an integral part of the plastic film recycling process. A Plastic Washing Unit consists of a set of washing equipment that uses friction and high speeds to throughly wash dirty or soiled plastic films, such as LDPE film, into clean films suitable for pelletizing, the process of melting plastic into plastic granules, or reprocessed plastic pellets. These plastic pellets can then be used as raw materials for manufacturing new products.
Plastic Washing Unit, a plastic film washing line is composed of several pieces of core equipment that include a shredder or granulator, high-speed friction washer, a gravity “sink/float” separation tank, and a dewatering / drying system. The material moves from one machine to another using belt/screw conveyors and or vacuum hosing. Although washing equipment comes in various models, some with innovative designs and technology, the general concept of each equipment remains the same. Additional machinery such as rotating trommels, air classifiers, or bouncing conveyors/tables can be added to remove specific contaminants and improving the overall quality/cleanliness of the washed films.

Plastic Washing Unit
Plastic PE/PP film washing line
Plastic Waste Washing Line
LD PP Material Washing Line

Ocean Extrusions Pvt Ltd is a leading plastic Extrusion machinery Manufacturer & Exporter. Our sophisticated Engineering team and management team designed, tested, and constantly improved our Plastic Washing Unit.

The designs of the machinery are optimized based on invaluable feedback from experienced plastic recycling professionals. Each piece of component is meant for better and safer user experience and efficient production. We have sold equipment to domestic and international companies in the Plastic Washing Unit.

The products we offer are provided are as per the exact requirements of our prestigious patrons. We also offer our products in accordance with the global quality standard and guidelines. so as to provide comfort and convenience to our clients. Due to our team of experienced professionals, ethical business policies and transparency in business dealings, we have gained confidence of numerous customers across the country.
We have one of the largest manufacturing units of these products in India and are acclaimed for quality of our products. Our products are manufactured using premium quality hand plucked natural products. The diversified clientele around the world is the proof of quality and satisfactory products.

Ocean Extrusions Pvt Ltd introduces a line capable of sorting, grinding, washing and cleaning with drying post consumer plastic waste. The end use of the Plastic Washing Unit is supposed to be either in the field of injection molding textile fiber, monofilament or sheet with different thickness for thermoforming. The complete line is for an accurate clearing of plastic material specially suited for LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, PP, PET, Etc.

OEPL’s Plastic Washing Unit are build with the best materials for less wearing of the bodies of the machine and consequentially less maintenance and less lost in time. Also the experience of OEPL has developed with a better price.

Plastic Washing Unit department can give to their customers the support on finding also a customized solution, because OEPL know that every country has his own traditions and his own post consumer material to treat. For this we will be glad to give you the right solution for your business.

The Plastic Washing Unit is used to crush, wash and dry the waste plastic PE/PP films, for example, package films, Agricultural films, plastic mulch, plastic films bags and woven bags.
By the processing of PE/PP film washing line, the dirties such as sands, soil and mud can be washed out well. And the clean films can be used for plastic pelletizing directly.
1, high working efficiency, less energy consumption; high automation, less man power.
2, heavy crusher with 10pcs rotary blades efficient cutting
3, By multiple friction washing and rinsing washing, the dirty such oil contamination and mud can be washed out fully.
4, reasonable flowchart design for convenient operation and lower maintenance cost.
5, whole solution for sewage Plastic Washing Unit.
6, the rinsing tank, screw feeders, pipelines are made of stainless steel.
Plastic Washing Unit

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