Plate heat exchangers, cold plates and cooling plates: Chemical etching channels in metal

One of the nice features of Photo Etching is the ability to surface etch and etch through the metals all at the same time.

Photo Etching is therefore ideal for manufacturing heat sinks, heat exchangers, cold plates, cooling plates and microfluidic devices, which are used to transfer fluids.

These pipes and channels can be constructed through lamination of etched sheets.

Unlike other manufacturing processes, Photo Etching produces a non-directional surface finish. This is excellent for fluid transport.

Lamination is ideally carried out with very flat sheets. CNC machining and stamping can distort the sheet material, making it difficult to produce a good uniform lamination.

In a typical photo etch machine the size of the component is only limited by the width of the conveyer, so you could produce a large component up to 750mm in width, or many thousands of small components only a few millimetres in width.

Plate heat exchangers, compact heat exchangers, high pressure heat exchangers, cold plates and cooling plates

Post time: 11-14-2018