Rapunzel’s Makeover – Hair Repair and New Dress

Guppy and Rachel show you how they transformed Rapunzel’s hair from gooey to GORGEOUS! AND they make a SUPER EASY no sew dress for Rapunzel!

Rapunzel’s hair is a tangled gooey, icky sticky mess. The problem is glue seepage. She’s not the only doll with glue coming out of her head. Some Monster High dolls and some Barbies have the same problem! This tutorial will show you how to get the glue out of the hair.

Recipe and instructions for Homemade Goo Gone:
Rapunzel and Ariel’s Sticky Gooey Hair Repair – Homemade Goo Gone

Rapunzel’s Makeover Part 1 – New Haircut:

Rapunzel’s Makeover Part 2 – New Clothes:

Rapunzel gets de-tangled and a new dress!
Rapunzel’s Makeover:

Rapunzel’s Fashion Show Part 1:

Rapunzel’s Fashion Show Part 1- Dress Tutorial:

Rapunzel’s Fashion Show Part 1 – Hair Tutorial:

Rapunzel’s Fashion Show Part 2:

Rapunzel’s Fashion Show Part 2 – Dress Tutorial:

Rapunzel’s Fashion Show Part 2 – Hair Tutorial:

Rapunzel’s Fashion Show Part 3:

Rapunzel’s Fashion Show Part 3 – Dress Tutorial:

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Ariel Doll Playlist:


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Post time: 09-18-2018