Samsung Galaxy S7 – How to Take Apart & Replace LCD Glass Screen Replacement

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This is a tutorial video on how to take apart and replace the LCD screen on your Samsung Galaxy S7. (The entire LCD+Digitizer+Glass screen assembly)

Its the same procedure and same glass screen used for all carrier models, but the frame that holds the LCD will be different.

All models –
Samsung SM-G930V Verizon
Samsung SM-G930P Sprint
Samsung SM-G930R4 Rogers, US Cellular
Samsung SM-G9300
Samsung SM-G930F International
Samsung SM-G930T T-Mobile
Samsung SM-G930A AT&T
Samsung SM-G930W8
Samsung SM-G930

I used the following tools:
1. Small Phillips head screw driver
2. Tweezer
3. Open Prying tool
4. Hair Dryer or Heat Gun

Warning: Repairs will void your warranty with the service provider and manufacturer of the device. We are not responsible for any damage caused by attempting this repair.

Post time: 01-14-2018