Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus LCD Digitizer Replacement Guide

If you need to replace the LCD Digitizer of your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, this video will show you every step. The parts you’ll need, including the 6.2-inch touchscreen display, are available at Digital Supply USA.
Galaxy S8 Plus Replacement Parts:

All it takes is one bad drop. Your screen may not shatter, but the touch display can stop working properly, or working at all. The good news is that your phone’s other components may be just fine, including your memory, camera and other components. This video shows how to replace the LCD digitizer of your Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, so that you can get it working like new again.

If you’re considering fixing your own phone, we can’t blame you a bit. Doing the job yourself saves a lot of money over the cost of a repair shop or a new smartphone. At Digital Supply USA, we help you out by providing the industry’s highest-graded parts. Our LCD digitizers and screens feature the high resolution and crisp colors you expect from your Galaxy. You’ll find that and all the tools you’ll need in our Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus LCD Digitizer Replacement Kit. We also provide a lifetime warranty and step-by-step instructions to walk you through every phase of a successful installation.

Need to replace the Glass touch screen on a Galaxy S8+?
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Watch this Easy how-to guide. Look no further than our Galaxy S8+ LCD Digitizer Glass Screen Replacement Kit from Digital Supply USA. Not only does this replacement kit make your phone look like new again, but it also adds extra performance with shatter-resistant, fingerprint-resistant glass with an oleophobic coating to protect it from contaminants.

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Post time: 12-01-2017