Simple Sewing Frame for Book Binding –

This simple and sturdy sewing frame can be used for sewing signatures on linen tapes or cords. It is also useful for repairing old books or binding new ones, “the way they used to do it.” This is an alternative method to sewing the signatures to each other and results in the strongest type of binding.

This sewing frame is made of cabinet grade 3/4″ plywood and covered with a waterproof plastic laminate (often used on kitchen counter tops and doctor’s offices). The laminate makes the surfaces easy to clean and it doesn’t warp over time or become rough from moisture. Edges are sanded and sealed with paste wax for a silky smooth and professional finish.

The upper bar is adjustable for height and the vertical rods come off for easy storage or transport. Simple keys are included to hold the tape or cord under the slot.

Post time: 01-23-2018