Solar panel lamination with vacumcleaner and headgun

This is a EVA encapsulated solarpanel is made from cracked solarcells. These cells where damaged when i received them.

EVA ENCAPSULATION GUIDE, step by step here:

You can find informations about how to use EVA to encapsulate solarcells on danish blog here:

The spec of these solarcells where 8 amps peak. This solar panel performs okay also as defect: 3,6 Amps peak.

I used two layers of str photocap (eva enacasulation material) and 6 mm glas as front. I used vacumcleaner and headgun in the lamination process. Hope you can se there is a difference in how nice lamination has become. How nice encapsulation will be, depend on the work done by the vacum cleaner.

Post time: 10-09-2017