Can’t find a replacement for that torn ribbon cable; don’t want to pay for a new one – solder splice the two bits – did you save them ?

PLEASE NOTE: In the making of this video my efforts were necessarily clumsy because I could not take advantage of any magnification directly, especially using the microscope; I had to concentrate on aligning the cam to get a picture, so I was constrained to watching the screen of the VCR, it being too low resolution for productive effort. I would like to have used an eyepiece adaptor that fits both the camcorder and the ‘scope; then I should have been able to peer through the other eyepiece. So be assured it is a great deal easier than I make it look here. I have to admit that relatively few people have access to a stereo microscope; I paid around £180 ( ebay ) for this Russian made Lomo MBC-10, so at least it has been useful apart from being a toy.

I use a Yihua [ goes under several trade names ] workstation that has a heater blower – like a hair drier but hotter and more concentrated flow of air – and a soldering iron that has, as an accessory, a very fine, needle point bit, allowing you to make a good job of such tiny amounts of solder, almost too small to see with the naked eye.

The VX1000 mic/remote/cp flexiboard cable is about 1cm wide; with only a “normal” fine point soldering bit 40 joints were made in the space of approx 0.9 sq cm. The much finer bit was/is available as an optional accessory.

See this video for demonstration of USB microscope: “ToddFun.com: USB Microscope Review”.

Mario Parodi [ Guitar ] plays:-

Albeniz: Rumores de la Caleta; SE-Op 165 – Malaguena
Brahms: Cradle Song Op 49 no 4
Debussy: Arabesca No 1; SB – Clair de lune

Post time: 11-22-2018