Sublimet – 3D Sublimation Oven SUB-S603


Oven for sublimation SUB-S603 for cases sublimation

- 1 jig for IPhone 6 cases
- 1 jig for IPhone 5 cases
- 1 tray for cases
- 2 silicone joints
- 1 membranes
- 1 pair of protective gloves made in cotton
- 1 manual CD

Product information:
– Average time to produce 2 case: 6 min
– Number of cases can be sublimated at once: 2 cases
– Models can be sublimated: all except Ipads and Tablets
– Polycarbonate cases (PC) in high quality HQ: No
– Polyamide cases HQ (high quality): Yes
– Polyamide cases (medium quality): Yes
– Flexible cases of TPU: NO
– Molds suitables for cases: molds for polyamide cases
– Manufacture process: Auto/Manual

Sublimation Process

1. – Editing and image processing software provides the resources necessary for editing and printing the image, both through our editor housings Online, as software for the printing process. At this point the customer can customize their own housing with the image they want. A simple application with multiple options.

2. – Printout have printers, ink and paper to carry out process for sublimation printing of the 3D image in the selected housing.

3. – Mobile housings and brackets When the paper is dry (quick process) prepares the stand where we transfer the image. These housings are covered by a coating that ensures quality output, thanks to its support, sublimation is achieved even on the sides.

4. – Process heat and pressure Once the print paper is set on the casing and together with the support is introduced into the furnace, producing vacuum at a constant temperature and pressure.


Post time: 01-25-2018