Super Large Freezing iPad/iPhone/SAMSUNG Touch Glass Separator Refrigeration

Freezing LCD touch screen separating machine for iphone Samsung HTC and tablets refurbished

Main Feature:
1, Name: freeze lcd glass freeze separator
2, Condition: Need Liquid Nitrogen
3, Application: suitable for all tablets, smartphone cracked lcd under 14 inch separating.
4, Voltage: 220V
5, Separator temperature: -130-140
5, Working time: around 15minutes
6, Weight: 50kg

How to use:

1. put lcds in the freeze plate, it can hold 6pc for iPhone5 lcds or 1 pc for iPad lcds;
2. normally, freeze 24-30 seconds is ok, then take them out and seperate them by hand quickly (usually 2seconds finish 1 pc)
3. for cracked fully, it need 60 seconds freeze time, then crash it, then broken glass will drop fast.

especially for iPhone 5 5s 5c 6 and 6 Plus lcd, use this machine, you
1. No need to undo frame
2. No need to change polarizer film
3. No need to paint anti-static silver


1. This machine must need liquid nitrogen, pls make sure you can get it at local before purchase.
2. We have only 220V item on supply, if the voltage of your own country is 110V, you can buy a voltage transformer additional.

Post time: 10-25-2017