The Basics of How to Prevent a Drawing from Smudging or Smearing

Welcome back everyone to my Tip video where I give some advice on how to prevent a drawing from smudging or smearing when it is in a sketchbook or notebook.

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There are a few ways that you can prevent a drawing from smudging. Probably the easiest way is using some wax paper. This is a temporary fix if you are still working on a drawing.

When you are somewhat finished with the drawing or want to add in more layers, you can use a workable fixative. I have one by winsor and newton that I use.

For a more final finish to the drawing, try using a “final” fixative for it and that will help with that. Keep in mind that fixative can come in either a matt or gloss finish. I prefer the matt finish since it will not make my drawing shine or have glare to it. Although, that is just my personal preference.

Keep in mind as well that you can use a workable fixative as a final fixative. I have done this many times.

When it comes to hairspray, I have had a bad experience so I don’t trust that method of fixing my drawings. I have heard of others having success with it but there is some risk involved. If you really want to try it out and see if it will work, I would recommend that you make a quick drawing or sketch and spray it with the hairspray and wait a few days to a week to see if anything yellows in the drawing.

I hope that this video gave you all some ideas on how to finish off a drawing and thank you for watching!

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Post time: 08-31-2017