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parts of the specified assembly process is an important link of guarantee quality and accuracy of the separator device, is an important step to realize the design ideal and goal, because of high field strength permanent magnet assembly is dangerous, more so for the wet permanent disk type magnetic separation machine assembly process design and manufacture, it is particularly important factors. 1. the design of magnetic disk fixture, because of the magnetic strength of the Nd-Fe-B permanent magnet block, is more advanced and has larger magnetism, so it is difficult and dangerous to assemble. Therefore, reasonable fixture design and assembly is an important part to ensure the magnetic assembly accuracy and safety of magnetic separator. The expert of magnetic separation equipment has designed a reasonable jig for the magnetic system after the field investigation of the magnetic material manufacturers and the research on the assembly of the magnetic system. 2. magnetic system fixing process adopts glass ribbon brushing epoxy resin, iron packing belt, stainless steel plate and stainless steel screw, the whole magnetic system is wrapped and fixed, and magnetic package and fixing technology are compared. Through the comparative analysis of three kinds of magnetic system, fixed package technology, using 1Cr18Ni9Ni stainless steel plate coated magnetic system, stainless steel plate and stainless steel disk with MS screw fixation, the permanent magnet is tightly connected with M12 stainless steel screws, adjusting tension force. The adoption of 1Cr18Ni9Ni stainless steel material not only does not affect the magnetic field strength of the magnetic system surface, but also provides sufficient fastening force under the condition that the magnetic system has no destructive force, so that the magnetic blocks are closely connected, and the effect is remarkable. At the same time, this method will prevent magnetic separator block accident in the process of using off the problem, solve the problem of the magnetic block fastening, the magnet system of life up to 8 years, greatly avoid the magnetic system safety accidents caused by falling and unexpected shutdown shutdown. 3. magnetic surface protection process due to the hardness of ore is relatively large, magnetic separator in the work process, the magnetic surface material will continue by the size of the particle impact and friction, causing serious wear, serious phenomenon caused by worn surface material magnetic system. Once the surface of the disk is damaged, the surface of the disk is rough, and the fine magnetic particles are adsorbed on the surface of the magnetic block, which not only causes rapid wear of the magnetic block, but also greatly reduces the magnetic field strength of the magnetic system. Therefore, the surface of the disk needs to be protected against wear. In order to prolong the working life of the magnetic system, we use the protective coating on the surface material without affecting the surface magnetic field. Experts on the wet permanent magnetic strong magnetic separator is used, the magnetic surface abrasion proof materials were tested, mainly for the four kinds of abrasion proof material: rubber, 1Cr18Ni9Ni stainless steel, wear-resistant materials, wear-resistant materials PU PVC, using 8-24 cycle resistance observation results of wear resistant materials PVC coating the highest wear resistance, using nylon core with PVC coating, can effectively prolong the service life of the disk, reduce equipment maintenance time and money. A screen box for vibration screen work state of a crushing machine in high manganese steel water toughening treatment technology more separator tank design the design and application of flotation machine tank type flotation machine is the analysis of the changes of the development process of drum type magnetic separator tailings recycling technology and equipment the development of hematite magnetic separator / hematite magnetic separator manufacturers drum permanent magnetic separator magnetic separation equipment

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