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UCOLIN GLASS SOLUTIONS is the professional manufacturer for the materials and tools for safety glazing.
We offer:
Silicone vacuum bag, silicone sheet, for safety glazing laminating machine vacuuming;
Sandblasting protective film for glass carving
Green thermal tape to prevent EVA FILM overflow out of laminated glass edges;
Cork pad for glass transportation separating and protection;
Ceramic fiber paper for glass glazing fusion kiln, oven, furnace insulation of heat;
1-The thicker laminated glass is more strengthen than the thinner laminated glass.
2-More layers laminated glass(glass+EVA interlayer+glass+EVA interlayer+glass+EVA interlayer….+glass+EVA interlayer) is more strengthen than the two layers laminated glass.
3-Laminated glass made of semi-tempered glass is better in impact resistance than the laminated glass made of full tempered glass or float glass.
4-Laminated glass with thicker Ethylene Vinyl Acetate EVA Film (0.76mm)will be stronger than the same laminated glass with thinner EVA Film(0.38mm).
5-If you want to seal the edges of laminated glass, make sure the glass sealant is friendly to the EVA Film. Use neutral sealant (DOW CORNING 1199, 799, 982, 1200,7091) to fix it.
6-Bullet-proof laminated glass or explosion-proof glass can not be laminated with tempered glass as basic sheet.
7-Point structure of glass should be strengthened.
8-For safety reason, it’s better to use laminated semi-tempered glass for Sky-light glass( but not as floor).
9-The pallets of broken laminated tempered glass with EVA Film may be bigger than the pallets of broken single tempered glass.
10-The clean of the basic glass and the heat control in the combination procedure of laminated glass are the key reason for the quality and useful life of laminated glass.

Post time: 10-28-2018