Troostwijk Auctions – Flexographic printing machinery – Lot 6

Troostwijk Auctions organizes an online auction of Flexographic printing and bag making machinery in Romania.

Description machine:
Wicket bag making machine “Lemo” for bags with reinforced handle stuck film; Power: 48kw; Machine dimensions: Length= 12.0 m; Width= 2,6m; Height=3.0m. Dimensions of the bags: H max. = 740mm, Width max.= 800 mm. Cadence: 100-230 cycles/min The machine is composed of: a) Rewinder with bobbin width max = 1600mm, diameter max.= 1200mm; b) FIFE CDP01 film edge adjustment device; c) Longitudinal welding device with cu hot air jet; d) Folding triangle; e) Handles Servo cutting and welding device; f) Simple cross welding device with max. length= 800 mm; g) Vacuum pickup bags pallets; h) Layout Forks Device with Batch Number

Auction closing day: Thursday 12 June from 14.00 hrs CET
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Post time: 01-03-2018