up and down heating vacuum laminating machine

Suitable for glossy PVC, thick PVC, large door
Paste PVC film on furniture, speaker, cabinets, relif doors, decoration panels for walls and other abnormal decoration shapes (wood skin is also acceptable, hot transfer).
1. Automatic and digitalized control system. Four working modes,can adapt for different work pieces.
2. Quality vacuum pumps from Shanghai XKS, stable and reliable with simple maintenance work.
3. Large gas tank with double air channels to flow through, large amount of the ventilation and huge explosive force.
4. Precision Machining by CNC machine center, make sure the main components more nicety.
5. Firm structure of the racks, processed by planomiller, can bear large pressure.
6. The integrated movement electromotor produces less noise and seldom breaks down.
7. High quality heat preservation material can ensure even heating and energy saving.
8. Bottom heating can enable the product to achieve an ideal effect.
9. Pneumatic lock frame and silicone seal, have better leakproofness.
10. Oil pressure and compressed air as the main motion.
11. 1 year warranty and provide the technological supporting and training all the time.
12. Double work table, more efficient and saving power.
13. Work table size can be produced following client’s requirement.

Post time: 08-19-2018