Vetaphone Corona Treater System – VE1C on Comexi FW press

The Vetaphone Corona treater Systems are designed for high
performance, production security and ease of use for the
operators. Typically a Vetaphone converting application is
used as boost treatment prior to printing and laminating
process for higher dyne levels. The system can treat all
kinds of substrates including foil, plastic, metalized film and
The VE1C series are designed with minimum space requirements
and therefore it can be integrated on most positions
on various converting applications. The operator friendly
design makes maintenance an easy task by utilizing the
standard patented Quick Change cartridge (QC). This
ensures easy maintenance schedules and less direct running
As the first standard Corona-Plus treater station the VE1C
series are designed with an upgradeable option. In case of
“difficult-to-treat” materials or higher mechanical speed on
the converting line, the VE1C can be upgraded with an extra
electrode hood. In other words, you can plan your investment
with minimum costs today and on a later stage upgrade
to meet your new production goals. No need to exchange the
entire treater station, simply upgrade.
The Vetaphone treater stations are all Plasma ready, for your
eventual future atmospheric gas speciality production needs.

Unique features:
• Plasma ready
• Standard Quick Change cartridge (QC)
• Modular electrodes cartridges – less maintenance
• Easy Plug-and-Play installation
• Upgradeable design if need of extra power
• 360 degrees mounting

Design features:
• Low friction rollers for treatment of thin materials
• Strong and robust design
• Mechanical speed up to 400m/min
• Pneumatic opening system
• 4 pcs. ceramic electrodes in each electrode assembly
Aluminium or ceramic electrodes

Maintenance features:
• Easy backing roller removal for maintenance
• Anodized aluminium endplates
• Low runnng costs – high efficiency

Optional features:
• NIP roller package
• Ceramic dialectric roller package
• Tendency drive system package
• Anti-Static package

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Post time: 01-15-2018