vibrating sieve filtration screen grading classifying separator machine2

Grain peanut corn wheat linear vibrating filtration grading classifying machine

Working principle:
vibrating sieve machinery mainly consists of the eccentric block vibrator, screen box, motor, and supportive device.
Through the flexible coupling, the motor drives the eccentric block of the vibrator at high rotary speed, generating the centrifugal force, and then causing the screen box did circular movement by the amplitude. After that, the materials in the slope screen surface will be cast continuously by the force generated from the screen box, then realizes the purpose of classifying.

Applied fields:
Linear sieve shaker machine is suitable to sieving and grading powder or granule, widely used in many industries, such as ceramic, food, pharmaceutical, plastic, grinding, mining, chemical, medicine, building material, and fertilizer industries. Vibratory screens can be provided with dust proof cover as required. Vibrating screen can be supplied of different sizes depending upon capacity required. They can also handle slightly wet material.

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Post time: 11-08-2017