Whistling Windows: Car Expert Lauren Fix

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Aired: 4/24/3012

Is that wind noise driving you insane? Have you caught yourself growing irritated by a whistling noise while motoring along whatever highway or road you might be traveling? That constant whistling noise can be remedied with little cost. Lauren Fix, the Car Coach, shows you how.

When a car starts to produce a whistling sound, it can be either very loud or hardly audible. In either case, a whistling noise is never normal. Some whistling noises are quite simple to fix while others are more difficult to remedy. Some whistling noises can be associated with engine speed while other whistling noises change with the speed of the car.

If your vehicle has a frameless door, or if you own a convertible, here is a tip that will help keep the noise outside your car and the rain as well.

Factory door windows are carefully aligned both horizontally and vertically, so the door and glass make a solid weather tight seal when closed.

When you close a door on a frameless car door, notice that the glass adjusts upward in order to create a better seal and less wind noise.

The foam-rubber seal around the edge of your car’s doors and windows is a type of weather stripping meant to keep water and air from penetrating the passenger compartment of your vehicle.

Over time, this seal may deteriorate or become damaged. While it is sometimes possible to repair distorted pieces of a car door seal by using a heat gun and remolding the distorted sections by hand, it is more efficient to replace the door seal with a new one to prevent whistling noises while the vehicle is in motion and water leaks that may damage upholstery.

You can order new weather stripping online or at your local dealer. Install it yourself or have a body shop do it for you in minimal time.

The rubber weather stripping can be moisturized with silicone sprays or even cooking spray on a rag. This will prevent your door from sticking when the temperatures change and prevent the door from freezing closed.

The rule of thumb has always been to never close the door by the window. Ignoring this rule can cause sealing issues between the door glass and rubber, leading in turn to leaking water inside the vehicle.

Remind yourself and your passengers to close the door by the handle — NEVER the glass.

Post time: 10-31-2017