YFMA650 Automatic laminating machine(oil heating)

YFMA520/650 Automatic Glueless and Thermal Film Laminating Machine(OIL HEATING)
1.Product Features:
Feeder(vacuum pump system without oil system)
Man-Machine Interface(easy and automatic operation )
Oil Heating System(New model is magnetic heating system)
Hydraulic pressure (Automatic adjustment pressure )
Gas Expanded Shaft(with Tension System)
Film Cutter and Film Puncher
Pull Guide(New model add Auto Pull)
Anti-Curve Device
Pneumatic Dividing (with Auto Stacker)
PS: Using glueless and thermal film to laminate paper
2.Technical Specification:
Model: YFMA520/650
Max.Laminating Width: 520×600mm/ 650×750mm
Min.Laminating Width: 220×280mm
Laminating Temperature :≤130℃
Paper Thickness: 100-500g/㎡
Laminating Speed:50m/min
Total power: 18kw(normal is a half)
Voltage: 220/380V
Diameter of Heating Roller: 268mm
Diameter of Film Paper core: ≤76mm(3 inch)
Total Weight: 1800kg
Overall Dimensions:4000*1200*1600mm

Post time: 10-16-2018