AK PRO Vacuum laminating machine for lcd repair Automatic work

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AK ALL in 1 Vacuum lamination machine OCA vacuum laminator  LCD repair   machine

Built in air compressor&vacuum pump  

Do not need to remove bubbles           Max repair 12″


1.Use for all the touch screen phones under 12 inch

2.All in 1 machine,built In vacuum pump and air compressor. no need mold,no need remove bubbles

3.Smart Contorl Pressure;press different screen together. 

4.One button start,laminating and bubble removing together.all automatic machine.

5.high speed,6pcs together for iphone4气动锁-新机_01 气动锁-新机_02 气动锁-新机_03 气动锁-新机_04 气动锁-新机_05 气动锁-新机_06 气动锁-新机_07 气动锁-新机_08 气动锁-新机_09 气动锁-新机_10 气动锁-新机_11 气动锁-新机_12 气动锁-新机_13 气动锁-新机_14 气动锁-新机_15 气动锁-新机_16 气动锁-新机_17 气动锁-新机_18 气动锁-新机_19 气动锁-新机_20 气动锁-新机_21



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